Did you know that more than 50% of remote business meeting time is ineffective? 

We provide a real time solution for measuring and improving engagement of audience during video conferencing meetings   

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How It Works

VMentor uses proprietary Deep Learning technology to improve participant engagement for all your virtual meetings. The unique technology continuously measures the participants’ nonverbal, behavioral reactions in real time, providing unbiased, instant feedback, empowering you to maximize audience engagement and meeting outcomes. VMentor’s cutting-edge AI is the first of its kind, providing the market with a new tool to enhance video conferencing platforms in all verticals from sales to education

VMentor provides both real time audience engagement indicators and post-session analytics. We enable optimization of session parameters such as: presented content, speaker technique and more   

The VMentor AI Engine
Data flow
Data flow


Engagement level

Meeting time

About the Founders

Photo of Yedid Hoshen

Dr. Yedid Hoshen


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  • Asst. Prof. of Computer Science (Deep Learning) at the Hebrew University, head of AI research lab, tens of publications at top-tier AI venues

  • Former Research Scientist at Facebook AI, Google Research, Google [x], Taboola

  • Elite IDF-Space Program unit

Photo of Aviv Gabbay

Aviv Gabbay


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  • 10+ years of SW R&D

  • PhD in Deep Learning from the Hebrew University, with publications at top AI venues

  • Elite Cyber unit, bringing products from inception to large-scale production

Geut Hoshen


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  • 10+ years of senior Sales & Business Development roles with strong product/technical expertise

  • Solid record in launching & scaling new products, leading board-level GTM strategies